Extra Credit- Museum Visit- Long Beach Museum of Art

Over the weekend my friend Chelsea and I visited the Long Beach Art Museum off Ocean Blvd. We had a great time despite the small size of the museum and would recommend it to others as it is only $6 for students! The museum held two galleries, one titled “Who Is She?” by Terry Braunstein and the other called “Layer by Layer” by Barbara Strasen.

To begin, the first gallery we saw was “Who Is She?”. This gallery was composed of many frames that held collages done by the artist who repetitively used the same woman in each piece and collectively creating the question “Who is this woman in all these frames?”. It was actually quiet interesting to see how  the artist creatively put this woman in different situations such as carrying a boulder, standing upon space, and carrying random objects. And what I liked most about her work was how precise she was able to transfer this woman into all her works of art; so well that it didn’t even look like a collage. That’s why I believe I was very amused with this gallery as it wasn’t like your average cut and paste collage that many might think of. It very entertaining to the eye to see how well she fit in with these crazy situation such as her holding the boulder or her sitting on a planet.

The gallery on the second floor was very different from that of the first. “Layer by Layer” was almost a headache at how many colors and dimensions were displayed. I really enjoyed this gallery because it was a form of art I never heard of before, called lenticular imaging. From what we learned, lenticular art is where the artist produces images that are collaged together in different depths and angles and can create illusions. That explained a lot as there were many holograms in some of the art pieces. My friend and I’s favorite piece was the central one called “Multiplex LA”. We enjoyed looking at it because of all the elements it had such as color, images, and dimensions. For example, what stood out to us at first glance were the tires in the corner and the mannequins wearing skirts on the right side. In modern day terms you can say it was very “trippy”. Through our findings we discovered that this piece portrayed all the colors and fabrics you could find throughout LA’s Art District. And after learning this, theme became more obvious as there were also tutus in the art piece as well.

In contrast, I think it is quite clear that the two galleries greatly differed in color. While the first was very monotonous , the second was vibrant and alive. But despite that I think the two had a lot of similarities , that in which they told a story. “Who is She?” is about a woman finding herself stuck in all these funky situations, which do represent most woman in their life time. And “Layer by Layer” tells the story about culture.

In conclusion, Chelsea and I enjoyed our time at the museum and would definitely go back when there are new galleries. I think what we liked the most about the Long Beach Art Museum was it’s simplicity as it allowed us to focus on each artists rather than the Getty, which we’ve both been to, as it has many difference artists.



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