Extra Credit- Deep Ethnography

I did deep ethnography again because my roommates and I actually had a really fun time the first time we did it so I was happy when they agreed to do it again with me. Like I said in my first post about this activity, it really shows how relationships were created differently back in the pre-electic time. I believe bonds were more deeper and there was greater cooperation  and communication within the household.

For the second time around this again proved to be true as my two roommates and myself had a blast. To begin it was funny because one of my roommates is terrified of the dark so we kept trying to scare her with “what ifs” and scary stories. But to the thanks of myself, the apartment wasn’t entirely dark as I had went crazy on a candle sale at Bath & Body works the day before. So despite our night without electricity, it was made up by the sweet smell of ginger bread cookies and vanilla bean! Similarly like last time, the night ended early because after a period of time we kind of ran out of things to do. We did try our best to not stay in one spot so we began by watching the sun fall in our patio. That is where we ate dinner; we had Thai take out from across the street (our favorite). And once the moon rose and the night started to get cold we went inside. A change that I made from last times activity was that I opened the blinds on one side of the house because that is where the moonlight shined. It actually did brighten up the room as last time it was almost pitch black. So again, it was nice night as we drank wine around our coffee table and two candles. Most of the night we sang christmas songs and laughed at our horrible voices and talked about the movie Jackass. The only difficulty I could say was walking around the house if we needed to go to the kitchen or the bathroom as had to carry around one of the candles. And I must admit it was quite terrifying bringing a candle to the bathroom and seeing yourself in the mirror as the candle flickered within the dark. It felt like a scene in a scary movie as I felt like something was going to blow the candle out. But in the end, we did have another memorable night thanks to this activity. What I walked away from this experience is that I think I now understand why cultures back in pre-electic times had so many myths and scary stories. Spending all of your nights in the dark can create scary images and fears after a while because to them, the dark was filled with the unknown so any movements and sounds must have filled their imaginations.


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