Wk 14- Classmate Conversation- Mikel Soco & Velen Garcia

For this week’s final classmate conversation we were asked to speak in groups. With my long time friend Mikel, we ran into Velen outside the Gatov West gallery. Velen is a third year and a sociology major who hopes to become a social worker one day. She says that she really wants to help those who face domestic violence which is why she even wants to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Work once she graduates. Other than the common elevator talk I think the conversation became more natural when Velen brought up that she likes to go hiking. Mikel began asking her where she’s hiked and surprisingly through this, I found at that her home town is only 30 minutes away from mine in the North San Diego county area. This is when I started to tell the two about my favorite hikes and suggested that they try them out sometime such as Potato Chip Rock and Torrey Pines Natural Reserve. From this point on the conversation was very free flowing and all the awkwardness had left the room. Lastly we all discussed the question of the week: what art has made the biggest impact on your life? For Mikel, his response was the art of music, specifically by Porter Robinson. To Mikel, music is a form of art that means a lot to him as it is his way of attaching meaning to memorable moments in his life. And when he listens to Porter Robinson’s music he is a reminded of a time when he was very happy and appreciative of life so he holds a deep connection to it. As for Velen, she values the art of dance as her first dance class helped her discover the beauty of  self expression. She loved how dance intertwined music, emotion, and body language and began to see notice art more frequently in her surroundings through this realization.

Lastly, I thought I would include my response since this is one of my last posts for the semester. Ever since I was little, there was always a painting hung above my piano called The Singing Butler by Jack Vettriano. This oil canvas shows a couple on a beach who are dancing in the rain while their two butlers try to cover them with umbrellas; it’s a very popular piece so maybe a few have seen it. And I remember that as I began my piano lessons I always imagined that the music I was playing was the music that this beautiful couple in the painting was dancing to. I guess you could say that these two forms of art, paintings and music, are what have instilled this admiration I have for the art world. I just think it is amazing how far imagination and creativity can go.


For a better look of Mikel and Velen follow their blogs:





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