Wk 14- Artist Conversation- Lourdes Martinez

Within Werby Gallery lies a single art piece done by Lourdes Martinez. Not much can said about it as it as minimalist as can be- a glass frame holding a contrasting square of green and purple in the center and stood upon a wooden base. This piece was called “Figment”.

Martinez is a photography major and will be graduating later on in this school year (Congrats!).

Martinez began to explain to her audience that the square in the middle of her piece is in fact a photo of the earth taken 66 billion kilometers away. She continued by saying that she was inspired by the show Cosmos and wanted to capture how tiny our earth was in perspective to the galaxy. So, if you look close enough in her piece, there should be a tiny white speck that is Earth- as Martinez tried to zoom in as close as she could to it. Her theme for this piece follows with her title of it “Figment” in which she wanted to portray how our world is just a small figment compared to the whole galaxy. And that within that glass frame, all of mankind at the year 1990 is captured within it. Through this, Martinez hopes to remind her audience how minuscule our situations in life may be, because in the end we are all the same, a floating speck within this square.

In truth, the thought of this analyzing this piece gave me a headache. For the most part I am amazed at how creative this piece was, as it captured humanity in its most trivial form, but I did disagree with the motive that the artist expressed. Despite the great depths that we call the “unknown” I refuse to believe that we are all insignificant or just figments of this large universe that come and go. But aside from this, I enjoyed hearing from the artist and how she goes about life!

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