Extra Credit- “One More” Drawing

For this activity, you asked students to pick one of the previous projects from weeks 1 through 12 and to go more depth with it. So for my extra credit I chose to analyze and discuss how it was to draw, based off the activity “Drawing Automatic. I picked this activity because I have always considered myself a mediocre drawer and have always believed that I would be better if I took the time to practice and take classes. And when I was little, I used to want to be an artist and would draw on canvas with acrylic paint (oops). So for this activity I took the time to find photos that I liked and were a little challenging and to try and draw them. And when I mean try, I mean I didn’t realize I had spent a good 2 hours at my desk. I used photos that I found online after googling “human gestures” because I grew to like this form of art after seeing some of the pieces done at the galleries throughout the semester. I enjoyed the smooth lines that the limbs created and the silhouettes that came with it. So to begin I guess I could say that from my own perspective as an artists, the first thing that comes to mind is “Where do I even start?” Do I start at the head or the bottom? And I would assume that if I took a drawing class maybe they would give me a correct answer, but since I have no professional learning I told myself that the best way to start is whatever lines seem to stand out to you. As for me, I learned through this process that I really like to draw the hands and arm first; that is where I began for both drawings. From there I think the biggest difficulty was trying to not copy the photo line for line to move around and draw shadows that you noticed. As said in your summary for “Drawing Automatic” it is better to “Think less and look more” and I found this to be very true!  Throughout the process I really let my hands do the “talking” as my eyes did the “listening” -following where the muscles indented and the shadows that they created. And this is where I learned that good art takes patience, as I spent a good hour on each drawing. What I also learned through this activity is how relaxing drawing is as well, as I had some Bob Marley playing in the background! Lastly as an artist, I have discovered my weaknesses, those of which are dimensions and creating shadows, and now have motivation to work on them so that I can slowly improve as the artist I always hoped to be!IMG_2205IMG_2401



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