Wk 13- Artist Conversation- Tyler Turett

This week Gatov Gallery East held the work of Tyler Turett, titled “Make Your Mark”.

Turett displayed a collection of animations that he’s done throughout his years here at CSULB, as he will be graduating later in the spring. They consisted of cartoonish characters such as frogs, goofy vegetables, and a wide array of other colorfully drawn people.

As an artist, Turett began to inform the audience about his form of art, which is animations. Creating animation, as he explains, is a lengthy process which all begins with a story board made up of many drawings. Turett says he chose animations because it contains a lot of depth as well as a lot of freedom to design whatever characters he pleases. He can create their personality, draw out the expressions they make when they talk, and ultimately develop a story. Once the rough sketches are done, Turett continues to explain that you have to transfer your art onto the computer, through programs such as Photoshop and then rig them in the After effects. In many ways, its like a puppet animation.

Turett says that his biggest inspiration is Disney and all their movies. Growing up as a kid, watching the classics such as The Lion King, made him want to be an animator. As of now his favorite cartoons are Rick and Morty and Ren and Stimpy. For his own works, he hopes to create characters that people will find funny as hopes to make people laugh with the work that he does.

Tyler Turett and this week’s art was another addition into the collection of art that I have been exposed to through Art 110. What I liked most about this week’s artist conversations was definitely the form of art that was presented, which was animations. As I am already a fan of drawing, it was interesting to hear how sketches have evolved with technology, creating a more defined and colorful form of art that is seen throughout media.IMG_2631.jpg


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