Wk 11- Classmate Conversations- Inessa Lopez

This week I spoke with Inessa Lopez! Inessa is a 2nd year student who is majoring in physics. To be honest, Inessa is the first physics major I have met so I was really interested to hear about what the curriculum is like and what she hopes to do with it. Inessa responded by telling me that the major is pretty hard, but she really wants to get a degree in this field because she hopes to work in research one day. Aside from school, Inessa really likes to go hiking, but says its hard to find free time between school and work. When asked if she would get a tattoo and if she considers it art, Inessa replied by saying that she believes tattoos are art, but she would never get one because she has commitment issues.

Follow Inessa at https://inxssa.wordpress.com



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