Wk 11- Class Activity- Fiber Art


I was really excited to do this weeks activity because I love interior design and I have been seeing the trend of modern wall art in the blogs that I follow. For this week’s activity I decided to go with one of the examples given to us on BeachArts, not necessarily for lack of creativity, but because I was inspired by the design and wanted to see if I was capable of creating one of my own. To my surprise, it was pretty easy to make and currently looks great in my room. For starters, the materials for this project were very easy to find at Michaels craft store ( my favorite place to hangout) . All you need is a wooden ring, tool, and string or yarn in whichever colors you like. Basically all I did was cut the string into even pieces and knotted them around the ring. I arranged them in an order that was suppose to look like an ombre fade. Once all the string was put on the ring, I gave it detail by grabbing a pair of scissors and making the lengths uneven and forming a “V” shape. Lastly, I just used a piece of tool as the hanging component!

IMG_1925 FullSizeRender

Doing this activity brought out the inner child in me, the child who once used to love spending her free time doing arts and crafts. It was very relaxing to do something like this on a Sunday because it just cleared my mind and had my attention focused on the quality of my work. I thank this activity for reviving my interests in crafting and doing DIY’s and I hope I can make time to make more fun and cute stuff for my apartment. Also, I would like to add that after I finished this project, I realized how much better it would look if the ring had color so I am planning on going back to Michaels sometime soon and spray painting it either gold or silver!


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