Wk 8 – Classmate Conversation- Kim Pham

I met Kim after I saw her speaking with my friend Mikel in the galleries. Right off the back, Kim was very easy to talk to, as if we were already friends, and in the moment we actually forgot that the whole conversation was for the intention of completing our blog posts. Kim and I had a lot in common as we both were pre-nursing majors our freshman year. We joked about how stressful it was and proceeded to tell each other about how our paths strayed away from the major. Kim is now a health science major and still is deciding what specific career she wants to pursue. One thing for sure is that Kim is certain that she wants to work within the medical field because she hopes to help people for a living and at the same time give back to her family. Her kindness and determination was easily visible as she continued to tell me about how she wants to be the first to graduate college in her family and be able to support them once she does so. Kim Pham was very nice and I suggest everyone should speak to her at least once for his or her classmate conversations.img_9246

Follow Kim at http://iiheartkp.org



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