Wk 8 – Artist of the Week – Laura Lopez

In these week’s artist conversations, I feel as though we the students were offered a wide array of pieces to choose from this week. The only disappointment was the lack of artist that was present to speak about their artwork. The art piece I chose this week was an oil on canvas by Laura Lopez. I really enjoyed her combination of 3 canvases to create a unified representation of her theme, which I presumed centered around a tribal culture. Each canvas portrayed it’s own emotion through the use of her color per canvas. The left canvas was hues and shades of blue and as the eyes shifted the colors gradually increased in vibrancy and contrast. With this the emotions seemed to liven as well. It was the combination of these 3 canvases that I was captured by, as it felt informative, yet not through the use of words, photographs, or figures, but simply through its use of color and shadows.

A student at Long Beach, by the name of Laura Lopez, created this beautiful artwork in Gatov- West. Unfortunately Laura was not available at the time to personally represent her art work, but I still left feeling like I had gotten to know her through her art biography that she left to stand in her place. Interestingly, Laura was inspired by the Amazon jungle that lies within her home country of Colombia. In 2001 she had the opportunity to live in the jungle, away from the established civilization that she is more familiar with and into a land that posses its own way of life and beauty. What I found most inspiring about Laura was her admiration for nature and the way she analyzes beauty in its simplest forms. She states, “They [ indigenous communities] perceive their culture through an intimate relationship with Nature, and the jungle is for them a spiritual being, who greatness, power, and beauty make men humble, and at the same time wise.” With this experience she was then forth inspired to use her artistic abilities to express this same harmony and complexity of nature that she witnessed in the Amazon jungle.

The uniqueness of Laura is her own humility and wisdom. In addition to her artistic talents she has this capability to share her experiences with her audience. She is someone who strongly values culture and nature and incorporates these themes as her focus in order to remind others that the beauty of life can be visualized in other forms. I find this very important as we, Americans, live in a culture that is the complete opposite of Colombia and the Amazon. What Laura and I, myself, hope others would take from this art is to be conscious and aware of our surroundings, as we not only limit our eyes and mind to the culture that consumes our daily life, but the others out there in the world that we have the potential of experiencing one day. It would have been nice to speak to Laura personally and ask more questions about her transition from Colombia to the United States, but I am still appreciative that she left a detailed letter of who she is and who she hopes to be as an artist.

IMG_1363 ( Laura unfortunately did not leave any contact information)


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