Wk 7- Classmate Conversation- Gillian English

Gillian is a 2nd year at CSULB who is pursuing a degree in Business and Fashion. When asked what she wanted to do with her degree she said she wants to start her own sock business! I found that really cool because I don’t think I have ever met anyone with that kind of aspiration. Gillian said she really wants to do socks because everyone needs them and you can put different cool and artistic prints on them. In her free time, Gillian said that she watches Netflix and is currently into Supernatural and American Horror Story. Lastly I asked Gillian the question of the week which was , “If you could dye your hair any color what would it be”. Surprisingly she responded by saying that she actually dyed her hair purple about a year ago! She said that it was her way of being rebellious right before college started and she said she loved it! The only downside was that it killed her hair. Either way it was really interesting talking to Gillian on Thursday!

Follow her blog at englishgillian.wordpress.com



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