Wk 7- Activity- Snapchat Art

This weeks blog post was really entertaining as I was able to follow a bunch of classmates Snapchats and see their artistic skills. Snapchat is definitely one of my more favorite apps because I think it allows people to be more themselves. The reason for so is because of this 10 second max rule. You can do something wacky or embarrassing and then “poof!” it’s gone. And the best part is that 1- there isn’t this underlying desire or want to achieve a lot of “likes” on what you post- and 2- there isn’t the ability to post comments. Although there is the dreadful “screenshot” I think Snapchat is more freewilled as it allows us to express ourselves with the confidence that our followers won’t judge us for how we spend our day. This is why , I assume, many of us didn’t create new Snapchat accounts for this activity. Whereas the Instagram activity, I can admit even I created a temporary account just for the day. The reason for so is that there really is this hold that Instagram has on us. It serves as the face of how we want people to see us as the photos we post there are permanent ( unless you delete it eventually). And then again, there is Snapchat, the second hidden face that reveals our personality and seen only in the confidentiality of the lesser few that follow us. So I guess I conclude this post to praise the creators of Snapchat, their constantly cool updates, and also as they continuously teach us to break free of this fallacy that everyone actually cares about what you post and the potential criticism that may come along with it.

IMG_1320 IMG_1319 IMG_1318 IMG_1290


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