Wk 6- Classmate Conversations- Natalie Marquez

Natalie Marquez is a third year at CSULB and is majoring in Child Development. With a degree in this field she hopes to one day become a child life specialist, which informs and prepares children who are in intensive care or pre operations for their upcoming treatments. I have never heard of this career before so it was really interesting from Natalie’s perspective to hear about the work that she wants to pursue and how rewarding it sounds. Natalie said that she always wanted to work with children, and that before she wanted to be a teacher; however, after talking to her sister she was inspired to work in the hospital and thus integrating her love for helping children and patient care. In her free time, Natalie likes to hang out with friends, play with her chihuahua, and find new places to eat. When asked how colors makes her feel she said “happy”. “Colors make life more exciting and interesting” , Natalie said and I totally agree! Lastly I asked what Natalie’s favorite color is and she said green.

Follow Natalie’s blog @ https://marqueznatalie.wordpress.com



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