Wk 6- Artist of the Week – Alice Andreini

IMG_1086 IMG_1087

Walking into Gatov East was like getting hit by a rainbow. It was so full of color this week that made you feel like you were walking through a kaleidoscope because every color, every shade, every hue, was in this room. I could have written about all the pieces this week because I liked them all, but I chose one specific one by Alice. I always choose which piece to write on based on the ones that seem to produce the most questions. This oil on canvas held a focal point of a giant beautiful flower, surrounded by colorful accents and other plants. What caught my eye, however, was the little green army figures that lay within the shrubbery , forming the question, “Why the heck is that there?”.

The artist of this piece Alice, said that she always likes to research before she does a piece. She likes to be prepared. So for this set of painting she chose to reference her mother, as her garden inspired her to do individual flowers per canvas and also old toys that she found. Her focus for this painting was to express the concept of space. Alice really enjoys when colors achieve this concept because they are so vibrant and spread from corner to corner, thus explaining her  use of vibrant colors. And with this she believed that by making individual flowers, she could make the gallery feel like you were in a garden. The toys were then used as her contrast. Because whereas flowers are natural, she said the toys were synthetic. Alice joked and said that her major was actually theater but then started painting about 5 years ago by doing small canvas paintings. She slowly told herself she would work her way up in size and thus proved so in Gatov East! She said painting was very exciting for her because it challenged her to do more. Natalie hopes to continue painting and creating more pieces that have a lot of color.

I really enjoyed how Alice referenced her mother a lot because it was easy to see how much she loved her. I think what I learned this week through Alice is that an artist’s work really reflects their character. If you were able to speak to Alice, she was a very quirky and bubbly person who was not shy at all to speak in front of a large crowd. And her vibrancy was therefore seen in her use of color. Her gallery was something she was very proud of and I was glad to be one it’s admirers.

Alice does not own a website or social media.


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