Wk 6- Activity- Identity Art

This week’s activity opened my eyes into the world of Periscope. Honestly, I never touched the app other than when I used it to watch Tuesday lecture’s so this weekend was my first time actually scoping it out ( get it ). So i guess for this blog I have good news and bad news, so like most I will start with the bad. Personally, after Periscoping my first few few videos I automatically did not like it. I really disliked how I got random viewers and comments from creepy guys and that people could view where I was ( some guy actually said he could see me at the mall ) and get involved with my life. And then I realized later that you could make your videos private. But either way, the main reason why I didn’t like Periscope was that it really disconnected me from the people I was with because I was so focused looking at the video I was filming and trying to narrate at the same time. I guess you could say that that’s just my opinion because when I am with my friends and family I never use my phone and also because I am more of private person. However the good news is that I did like how it saved and documented my life events, I just wish I wasn’t the one doing it. And with that, it was really cool getting to watch other people’s videos and see what they were doing. Yes, that is a very hypocritical statement, but like I said in my last activity post, it’s addicting to see what other people are up to. I really enjoyed watching the Periscopers who are in other countries because I hope to travel a lot one day in the future and also because I am very interested in learning about other cultures. So just by viewing random people’s videos , it was like a personal tour into foreign lifestyles. When watching classmate’s videos I found it funny how awkward some people were, except for Shiva’s who seemed like a natural ( Hi Shiva). Overall, I believe if used the right way, Periscope can be a big hit! I just hope people don’t get so attached in sharing every minute of their personal life because that takes away the beauty of actually experiencing it with your full undivided attention.

IMG_1271 IMG_1270  IMG_1267 IMG_1266


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