Due to personal family matters I didn’t have time to participate in the activity this week, but I do have some experience with painting that hopefully should suffice.

In high school I was in ASB ( associate student body) who’s job was to organize all the special events throughout the school year. During this time, publicizing my events were crucial to having a successful turnout, so in my part, I spent many hours creating large scale posters that were hung up around the campus. We had our own ASB studio that provided and large rolls of poster paper and paint. I am unsure of the specific name or kind of paint we used, but they were the kind where you would have to press a large brush against a sponge filled with ink, almost like stamping. Anyways, when I first began ASB I had a really hard time creating nice posters because it was difficult to keep my hand steady. I could imagine that I would have had experienced the same with the spray paint. Font wise, ever since I was child I have always been decent at drawing and actually believe I have some mediocre skills, so for the design that I would have used in my activity, I sketched it out on a piece of paper. Through this activity I think it was meant to show us that art has evolved over time. Not every one can be a Picasso or Monet simply because our inspirations and our outlets have changed. Graffiti , despite looked down upon by many, is still art because it allows the artist to place their mark in this world, just like how the famous artists have done except theirs were framed. And yes although I do disagree with vandalism, I think that as long as graffiti doesn’t violate anyone’s property, its quite remarkable where and what you’ll find. Especially in a city close to us, Downtown Los Angeles holds so much of this form of art. In fact, in a trip I made a few months ago, I captured a photo of a women finishing a mural on one of the walls in Little Tokyo. It was nice to see that the city allowed her to do such a large scale image that in a time before, would probably have been illegal and objected by the community. I think that is what makes Downtown Lost Angeles amazing and unique because it holds so much unnoticed gems throughout. And through this project I believe that everyone has the ability to create and publicly show something that they’re proud of, which especially should be their name.

IMG_0993 IMG_4753


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