Social Photography

Our generation today receives so much critique that our social lives centralize around the  little screens glued to our palms. And those before us, like our parents, might think that there is no real connection between the people we communicate with through these apps. Yet this activity is an evident truth that our interpretation of socialization has transformed. Yes it may be addicting to scroll through your feed, but what makes it that is to just see what people are doing. That is the enjoyment and curiosity that draws us in. So as for this activity, we the students hash tagged our day under “Art110f15” and I must say it sure was entertaining. What I liked the most about seeing the collective photos of our peers was that as the day began and transitioned throughout the hour, everyone in some sort followed the same routine. We all began our day with a photo of breakfast or driving or in class (especially in the art galleries) and then followed with who we hung out with or what we did during our breaks-work, lunch, nap. Personally my favorite photos were the ones of people who posted of coming home to their dogs because I myself have one and it is one of the utmost things I looked forward to after a long day.
IMG_0873  IMG_0874  IMG_0872  Aside from that it was also interesting to see what everyone did “after hours”. Many were similar- Netflix, eating out (again),and hanging out with friends- and that is when I realized that at the end of the day the hash tagged really did represent a feeling of community. At this point in our lives we’re all students trying to get by and have fun at the same time. Not every day may be exciting and adventurous, like those who were at Disneyland (super jealous), but everyone has their own idea of what is a good day through what they posted, because I’m sure in almost or a few, we have that mentality of a photo being “Instagram worthy”. So in summary I really enjoyed this activity because it gave me relief to know that almost everyones Thursdays are somewhat as average as mine.


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