Plaster Casting

IMG_0777On Thursday morning I went to Seal Beach to do our first activity with two of our other classmates, Mikel and Shiva. As we began, Mikel, Shiva, and I decided that it would be quicker if we divided up the work load since we all had class later that day. So as Mikel and Shiva filled the bucket up with sand, I dug all the holes. Everything was going smoothly; we threw  our peace signs, shakas, and high fives into the hole with high hopes! Sadly, everything went downhill from there as the plaster was not our friend that day. To make sure that we were going to get the most positive results, we had asked our classmates next to us how much water they put in their bucket of plaster since they were slightly ahead. They responded with half of the carton, so as told, we did the same. I’m not sure if it was because we didn’t mix it all the way or if we didn’t have enough water, but our mixture came out very thick, almost like pancake mix. Yet in fear of wasting the batch, I volunteered to test it out and put the plaster in my molding. I hadn’t realized that I put so very little in to the molding, which is why my plaster casting came out “short handed” ( get it). But all in all, it was still very rewarding to see that my efforts resulted in something I could bring home. And although my plaster casting doesn’t exactly resemble my hand, I think it is cool that you can still see the outline of my fingers. My roommates even said that it looks like coral, which I find funny because then maybe I can tell other people that I found a piece of coral that looks like my hand.


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